I think boxerbriefs could be the new hot pants…

Posted by on December 8th, 2007 at 11:26 am

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  1. andi


    Friend: I must sadly disagree on boxerbriefs.

    Me: you think? i’m wearing a very cute pair today that are short and striped, and i’m pretty convinced that this is the next big thing…

    Friend: Well, maybe on you…

    Me: i’m gonna start a revolution by distributing stripey boxerbriefs to women everywhere


  2. Koan

    I’m a fan of boxerbriefs on women – not on me, particularly, but on other women, definitely… mind you, the iconic look of a pre- or post-coital woman, wearing a man’s dress shirt, oversized, rolled cuffs, turned up collar… yes, that works for me, too…

    Where was I? Oh, yes…

    Ad Genderfork continues to develop, I think more and more about my own gender presentation. My gender identity is, I think, pretty uncomplicated – but I suspect my presentation is far less congruent with it than I used to believe. With the exception of making no attempt to conceal or mask the existence of my ample bosom (even if I’m not showing any cleavage), the vast majority of the time, you could take the clothes I wear and put them on a man, and he wouldn’t look at all out of place. Maybe only in the footwear department – maybe not even there.

    I don’t think that I aim for an androgynous look, but I think it’s more androgynous than I ever expected it would be. I wonder about it – but, I’m comfortable with it.

    Andi, thank you for continuing to make me think, consider and be mindful of myself. You’re doing good work, here.


  3. andi

    Koan, this is a really special comment.


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