Acceptance over Honesty

Someone wrote…

I wish I could change my physical appearance at will. I don’t change it often, but I’ve always fantasised about being a shapeshifter. No one would decide I was one thing based on my appearance. They’d all have to get to know me, to let me explain. I wish people wouldn’t assume that I identify as a straight woman just because they see me as one. Almost everyone does, which will make it hard if I ever explain that’s not how I feel.

If I ever explain. I may just keep hiding behind characters. I may never get to explore it. I don’t think most people I know could understand.

My sister once said she’d disown me if I ‘became’ a lesbian, and that really hurt me, even though she took it back later. I love her and love her acceptance of me more than I love the idea of getting to push the boundaries of my identity.

I hope when she gets older and goes out in the world, out of her little heteronormist bubble, her attitudes change.

Then I can be freer.

How would you respond?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on November 14th, 2008 at 08:00 am

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3 Responses to “Acceptance over Honesty”

  1. Andy

    No advice, but I do understand. It makes me sad too.


  2. elle jo

    It would be an amazing thing if we could change our appearance as easily as we change our minds. I’ve always wanted to be a shapeshifter myself but it’s just not in the cards (alas).


  3. Q'ori

    Hello Original Poster,

    I’m sorry, do you mind-read? I could’ve sworn I wrote this. I’ve always dreamt about being a shapeshifter, and it’d be completely perfect for my “gender”. Or lack thereof.


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