Interview with Me on Blogging and Gender

I had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed yesterday by the fabulous Miss Lilycat on Pirate Cat Radio about blogging and gender — two very different topics which somehow blended together nicely. The interview was two hours long, interspersed with some music, distractions, and other neat stuff. With Lilycat’s permission, I’ve edited it down for you into easier-to-digest segments:

Interview on Pirate Cat Radio: Segments

  1. Part 1 (15 minutes) – Overview of my blogs, discussion about Twitter, Internet karma
  2. Part 2 (21 minutes) – My history with blogging, my history with poetry, privacy and secrets on the web, my gender identity
  3. Part 3 (18 minutes) – Transgender issues, my sexuality, gender in the media, “hitting bottom”, pronouns and etiquette with genderqueer people
  4. Part 4 (4 minutes) – Gender fetish, queer community,, “My mom is awesome”
  5. Part 5 (6 minutes) – Wrapping up: “Relax about gender and go get yourself a blog.”


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One Response to “Interview with Me on Blogging and Gender”

  1. Jools

    Hey, thanks for another great post. You were talking in this interview about the fact that there’s still less acceptance around varying and fluid gender identities than, for example, sexualities. I’m sure I’m not the only Genderfork reader to be inspired by Thomas Beatie, the pregnant guy who was on Oprah recently.
    It happened that I’d read the news story just before visiting an exhibition of Henry Moore’s sculptures. Previously, I’ve loved Moore’s work, and found myself moved by his (frequent) mother-and-child motifs. (There’s a great example pictured here But in the context of thinking about my own gender identity and Thomas Beatie’s great news, I just found myself longing for something less directly reflective of the standard binary system. Some of his work could equally be father-and-child (does this one do it for you? but then I started really thinking. If you’ve ever seen Ron Mueck’s Mother And Child (see pics here just imagine a piece in this hyper-realist style depicting a naked man complete with Caesarian stitches and his new-born baby on his chest. It would be literally mindblowing, don’t you think?


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