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My name is “Miss K”.

My preferred third person pronouns are inconsequential. I’m happy to be referred to as however people perceive me. Honestly, it’s not an issue for me. It never has been. But it is a *huge* issue for some differently gendered people, so please try and be sensitive. Words can enslave.

I identify as transgendered. I’ve slid around the various traditional definitions of the spectrum. When I was younger I considered myself a male to female transsexual. As a transvestite, I’ve presented myself as extremely, aggressively sexually feminine at times. Now I just feel vaguely, cozily in between. An androgynous yo-yo at rest.

I’m attracted to Deborah Harry and David Bowie. I don’t dig hyper-exaggerated masculinity but other than that, hey, if it has a pulse, hey ho let’s go! That sounds awful. I’m not really like that, honest.

When people talk about me, I want them to
stop talking *about* me and come and talk *to* me. I know that my gender fluidity does confuse and interest people. When I perform with my band, I often find that people who know me from my blog, or my flickr stream or other social online manifestations have been to see me and then just melted back into the night. I wish they’d come and talk to me. I’m a nice person to have a drink and a chat with I think. But if you can’t come and talk to me, please please talk about me. As the divine Oscar said, “the only thing worse than being talked about is *not* being talked about”…

I want people to understand that different doesn’t mean excluded. Transgendered people are frightening to so called “normal” society as we present a confusingly “wrong” third way in a strict and unbreakable binary of male / female. So they like to pigeonhole us into the acceptable roles of sex-workers, entertainers, junkies, whores and misfits. Depicting us as marginal figures, excluded, divided and conquered. Not so. Watch out for us as the third wave is coming. It’s here. We’re here.


About Miss K
I am “Miss K”, an artist, writer and musician who has been referred to (by myself among others) as “a transgendered z-list celebrity”.

Much of my notoriety comes from having been a member of transgendered punk rock band Six Inch Killaz. We cut a swathe through the polite wilderness of the 1990s London music scene with our often terrifying sound and presence. Nowadays I’m half of electronic rock duo Deathline which is going very nicely thank you. Our first album will be out soon to purchase physically or as a download.

I write fiction and draw comic book stories. You can check out my latest stuff on my weblog the draGnet. I’m particularly proud of a linked series of semi autobiographical short fictional pieces, The Transformer Cycle and my soon to be published graphic novel Askance Glance.

In “real life” i co-own and run a small London based web company called The Guild.

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2 Responses to “Profile: Miss K”

  1. Kristina R

    I agree with Miss K’s summary that “Watch out for us as the third wave is coming.”

    There is certainly an increasing confidence coming across, judging by peoples websites, blogs and photo gallerys.


  2. spot

    I believe that people make life easy or hard,for themselves and others and I try to make it easy for as many others as I can. Life is what you make it, if you like something do it, if you don’t like it don’t do it.
    If being more feminine is what any body wants to do and they express it, I admire them for that. What “I” wear is for “ME” and if it pleases you that’s ok.
    If what you wear pleases me, then life is good for us both. Life is good!


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