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  1. tristan

    this is the statue of a pregnant woman.

    more info about this statue here:


  2. Jools

    That article linked to above (about the statue of Alison Lapper) is rather unfair. The fact is that we’ve had revolving pieces occupying that plinth for what feels like ages now and this one (Quin’s sculpture of Lapper) was, I’d guess, one of the more popular. Certainly everyone I know loves it, because it’s a great piece. The pic above doesn’t really do it justice – seen from just about any other angle, she’s just so obviously pregnant. It’s a very powerful composition. Our local evening newspaper here in London, the Evening Standard, is renowned for its superficial and hateful approach to most subjects. The fact that even it managed to fill only about paragraphs with people attacking Quinn’s piece is surely a sign of near-universal praise. (See an article here:


  3. Jools

    Gosh, sorry to hog this one but I’d hate for people to think that Londoners didn’t like that Lapper piece.
    So, first up, I meant to say in my first comment that the Evening Standard managed only THREE paragraphs of hateful nonsense.

    And secondly, international readers might like to know that that esteemed organ of British establishment The Times said in its review of 2005 (when the sculpture went on display):

    “Nothing thrilled me quite as physically as the appearance on that controversial plinth in Trafalgar Square of Marc Quinn’s momentous sculpture of the pregnant Alison Lapper. Quinn’s piece has so much excellent conceptual pertinence to it: Lapper’s mini arms, and the other fascinating departures she exhibits from the physical norm, rhyme so impishly with the Venus de Milo, and ask such crucial questions about our ideals of female beauty. All this is brilliant. But it’s the actual presence of the sculpture on the plinth, its heft and three-dimensional effectiveness, that impressed me most. Wherever you go in the square, she challenges you. Now that’s what I call public sculpture.”

    (Link here:

    And with that, I’ll be quiet (for a while).


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