A mixed bag

Morgan, the culturally queer daughter of a lesbian & a transman, speaks up in this video and several more on the same youtube channel. Her story & many more at NoDumbQuestions.org

Posted by on March 31st, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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  1. XylophoneGender

    She may be the daughter of Jamison Green. He has mentioned a Morgan:

    That’s complete speculation on my part so I didn’t put it in the original post.


  2. stii

    she seems cool. and that’s a great website.


  3. Pedro

    when I was little, around six.I remember one day going into my parents bedroom and trying some of my mothers high heel pumps,then I started putting on her earings,her necklaces,her perfume and her make up…
    (I looked like a mix between a clown and a drag queen…
    but I felt like a princess =))

    I got out of the bedroom and went to the kitchen where she was and said:
    “Hey mommy look at me!”

    her eyes opened wide her face went pale.
    she took me to the living room, sat me up on her lap and asked me:
    “Luis Pedro,would you prefer to be a boy or a girl?”

    I replied:
    Do I have to decide now ?!!!!”


  4. Diane

    Great post, and Pedro’s comment/story was wonderful, too. Sounds like this girl has got it all together.


  5. Anonymous

    Dear Morgan:

    I’m ancient compared to you but I completely understand your feelings, doubts and uncertainties.

    The reason for this post is to reassure you that you are not alone and many people have the same doubts in their minds.

    Believe me that it’s easier nowadays that it was before.

    I send you my best wishes and hope you’ll have a happy life.

    My best regards,



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