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In Cypriot Turkish (a dialect of Turkish) a polite way to address an older relative is ‘abla’ for a girl/woman and ‘abi’ for a boy/man. We have family staying with us at the moment who I’ve not seen in years, and they have a four-year-old son. No matter how many times they tell him to call me ‘abla,’ he still calls me ‘abi.’ It’s great!

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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5 Responses to “Abla/abi.”

  1. Danny

    My young cousins call me “Auntie” (I’m a bio-boy). It’s great.


  2. cher

    That’s cool! Kids are pretty smart sometimes.

    I don’t make have a preference for pronoun. My girlfriend will use he or she. Not sure what determines when to use which but… I have noticed since junior high almost everyone will use “he” when referring to me now and then. Funny thing is the people their talking to don’t notice. I’ll be sitting right there and the others will know me too.

    Once in a while I tell them, do you know the professor just referred to me as “he” through that whole conversation. Some laugh and some get offended.

    Last two times I was with my parents my Dad referred to me and he a few times. Even better, or worse, we were arguing and he told me to “tuck it in my foreskin.”



  3. Lanthir

    A few of my cousins call my mom “Uncle.” She loves it, and asked their parents to stop correcting them. (^_^)
    As for me, I’m a younger sister, an older sister and an older brother.


  4. Andrew

    I have a friend who has a kid. right now he just calls me Andy or Andoo (Andrew isn’t quite up to his vocal talents yet) but his parents both use my PGPs (well… they try really, really hard at least) and it makes me really happy to know I’ll be Andy or uncle Andy to him.


  5. Claudius Maximus

    Two of my friends have a baby boy. His dad named me
    ” Unckie” which is a combination of auntie and uncle. My nephew has many honorary aunties and uncles but only one ” Unckie”.


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