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Filling out an application form for a job today, I noticed that in the ‘tick your gender’ section, alongside the Male/Female boxes they had FTM and MTF transgender boxes. While I was pleased that they acknowledged there is more outside the gender binary, I started wondering, shouldn’t there have been an Intersex/Genderqueer box? Or an ‘Other’ box? Should there have been boxes at all?

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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  1. cher

    Back when I was on Orkut my friends were surprised that “Lesbian” was not in the list of options for profiles. We came up with various tags/labels for ourselves while chatting. I collected them all and sent the list to Orkut’s “Wish/Suggestion” dept. It was funny enough I took a screen shot of the list. Took me a while but I dug it up. Thought you might find it funny.

    incompetent butch
    and instead of other a text box / fill in the blank


  2. genderkid

    Snugglebutch sounds so cute :)


  3. drum

    My emploer does this as well, only they want you to simply write on the line what you are; sadly, I doubt they’ll understand if one writes anything other than male or female. I’m wondering why it’s necessary to have gender boxes at all. If they have to have them, I’d like one that just says ‘me!’ on it.


  4. Proffate

    Frankly, I’m stunned they are progressive enough to include boxes for transexuals now. Though that makes the lack of any option for genderqueers all the more frustrating.


  5. Jezebel

    Tick them all! :p

    I don’t think the boxes should be like that. More like F/I/M for sex, and a line for gender. It *is* nice to see they’re trying, at least.


  6. Adisson -Sheik-

    My school has anonymous surveys that we’re “encouraged” to fill out. I always skip the sex/gender boxes. I’m certain I’m probably one of the few that do so, so they could probably figure out who it was just from that. -shrug-


  7. Asher

    As a trans person, honestly, I’d just tick “Male” if I saw that. As much as I appreciate being acknowledged, I don’t think it’s really anyone’s business what chromosomes I may or may not have. I would like to see an “other” box for gender, so people would have the option to write in whatever they feel comfortable with. But I think it’s rather invasive to ask what someone’s sex is, and by including “transgender” on there, that’s basically what they’re doing.


  8. Erica (The Photo Curator)

    Does anyone have any idea *why* job applications ask what sex you are? Is it because there are laws prohibiting discrimination and they need to meet a certain quota of both genders? Is it for recruiting purposes, so they can see which sex their job ads appeal to the most? Or some other reason I’m too lazy too look up right this minute? ;)

    While Cher’s gendered list makes me grin, that’s another difficulty I sometimes have with creating enough words to describe all aspects of gender orientation: there’s so many it’s overwhelming, even for someone who’s into this stuff the way I am. If all job applications looked like this, it would make everyone happy, but that would be one heck of a form!


  9. Lilybean

    As an MTF, I’d tick Female.

    It’s actually pretty offensive including MTF/FTM as SEPARATE genders.

    Either have M/F/Other, or get rid of the thing anyway.
    The idea of quotas to prevent discrimination is actually ENCOURAGING discrimination, in that even more emphasis is put onto something that shouldn’t mater.


  10. the other julian

    What Lilybean said…

    And this sounds pretty damn illegal (at least in the US). o.O


  11. cher

    I’m not sure if there are federal or state guidelines in the US, but most companies do keep a quota on how many females they have. College do too and use it for advertising.

    I hadn’t thought about it until now, thanks Asher, but I do agree separating out MTF and FTM does sound a intrusive, at least for an employer. Probably more appropriate for dating sites to give more options. I know Tangowire offers liek a dozen options under looks which nice instead of the usual athletic and toned to big girl.

    Maybe instead of different or more boxes we should worry about non-gender/sex specific bathrooms. My college got press for “having gender-neutral” bathrooms. They just added the male/female sign to all the single person handicapped bathrooms. Which, honestly, I think works.

    I’m not sure I’d want gender on a job app. I’d probably need a paragraph not a single line. hehe


  12. Jak

    I hate binary ticky boxes but at least they’re making the effort. I love what Jezebel said abot ticking them all though lol. I am so doing that the next time I fill out a form ^_^


  13. Lilybean

    I think we need to be careful of what are steps FORWARD and what aren’t.

    As I and others said, this is insulting AND invasive.
    It seems to me to be a step back disguised as a step forward, like a gendery moonwalk.


  14. Brynn

    I think they’re genuinely making an attempt to be more inclusive. It’s just going to take a while before they actually end up as such.


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