Bergman Reading Hir Book

Author S.Bear Bergman reads the first chapter of hir book, Butch Is a Noun, at UConn. Bear identifies as butch, prefers ze/hir, and keeps a witty, wonderfully gender non-conforming LJ.

Posted by on February 10th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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3 Responses to “Bergman Reading Hir Book”

  1. genderkid

    Butches always pay at dates, “Or if it’s two butches on a date, which they shouldn’t be — or they should — in any case, they arm-wrestle for it” :D

    This is so funny; it shows clearly how silly gender rules are.


  2. Liz


    this is why us straight folk, and probably a few queer folk, get so lost when talking about the ever-evolving expressions of sexuality and gender. being p.c. is just not possible when there are so many different views on what x, y, or z is, so please, queer folk of the world, don’t write us off as stupid straights, but rather, take the opportunity to explain your version of x, y, and z, and don’t be offended when we say that might contradict something else we’ve heard from a another queer.

    because, like I said, these things aren’t set in stone (thank god, or some of us would feel *gasp* wrong about who and what we call ourselves).


  3. Kate

    I’ve read hir book so many times & fully believe it to be essential reading for any & every genderqueer person, or any person at all interested in sexual orientation/gender identity. Ze did a reading at my school & it was one of the most intellectually & emotionally stimulating events I’ve ever been to.


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