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McDonalds asked me if I wanted the girl toy or the boy toy. I told them both, and that is what they gave me.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on December 7th, 2009 at 08:00 am

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11 Responses to “Both.”

  1. Roxanne



  2. James

    That’s nice :3


  3. Claudius Maximus

    I’ll try that next time. It sounds fun!!!


  4. Rike

    Girl toy and boy toy? For some reason that sounds dirty to me ;P


  5. Idgie

    why do toys have to be gendered? how about some non-specific toys that every kid likes?


  6. XylophoneGender

    I haven’t bought anything there in years, but this is so brilliant that i’m tempted to go just so i can try it out.


  7. Cat

    Idgie – I agree. It’s so unfair the way gender gets forced on children from such a very young age.

    From the moment most babies are born, they have assigned colors, assigned toys, assigned hair styles, assigned behaviors, assigned everything. They never get to choose anything for themselves, unless they have a pair of unusually open-minded parents.

    The whole idea of gendered toys annoys me. Not that there shouldn’t be Barbie and GI Joe… but calling them “girls toys” or “boys toys” annoys me.


  8. Anonymous

    I used to work in a thrift store and we started to arrange our toy section into “Boys Toys” and “Girls Toys”, since corporate sent us signs and told us we had to do it like this. My friend and I wrote a letter of protest to the headquarters but we never heard back. It pissed me off so much — I mean, who decides that things like Pokemon cards are boys toys?


  9. Lilybean

    Hey, anoymous thrift store ex-employee – maybe you should have just put the toys that only girls can have in the girls section, and the toys only boys can have in the boys section. ;)


  10. Anonymous

    when I was younger and they asked my mum what me and my sisters wanted for the toy (girl’s or boy’s) she would answer ‘you know what, they’re girls and they want the boy toys.’
    cars beat barbies most days for us :)


  11. Anonymous

    If I weren’t a vegan, I would soooo do that.


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