Brainstorm: Gender Words

Hey, so I’ve been on this little kick lately to try to get people to see their gender as a list of descriptive words.

For example, I want to claim my gender as: female, androgynous, queer

The people I explain this to tend to get it — it makes sense. But then, when I ask how they identify, I get a deer-in-headlights look of “Oh! Um! Off the top of my head? I dunno!

I have a little theory that if I handed them a list of pre-approved Gender Words, they’d have a much easier time with this exercise. Can you help me come up with this list? Be creative and colorful! Here, I’ll get it started…


okay, you keep going…

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16 Responses to “Brainstorm: Gender Words”

  1. Meitar Moscovitz

    Are you familiar with the Yay Genderform! web site? They have 925 gender/sexual identity words to choose from. I discussed the Yay Genderform site (as well as in my presentation on Gender and Technology.


  2. Sarah

    oh my god, that page is amazing. thank you!

    (and thanks for the link to your talk!!)


  3. Isa

    Here’s two for you:

    la (Scouse expression meaning: boy, lad)

    Sharon’n’Tracey (used in the 80s where i grew up to describe a girl who was a bit tarty/common)


  4. Sheik

    love the site but they don’t have three of the things I identify as… boi, kid, and daddy’s boy. haha.


  5. Elkit

    I identify as geek. I know it doesn’t really fit your question, but that’s what came to mind first.


  6. jennikins

    I like low femme


  7. jean

    sometimes I like the gender of “cat”, not so much because cats are awesome, but because they don’t really express their gender, unless they are being sexual/reproductive…
    ie. female cats don’t have visible breasts unless they have nursing kittens, etc. I know this is not biologically true necessarily, that they can probably tell each other apart by scents/hormones, but I like the fact that when you look at a cat you can’t tell what gender it is at first glance.

    other gender descriptors (or ambiguizers) that I like (very dorky, I know): “peter pan”, “encyclopedia brown”!


  8. genderkid

    Boy, transboy, non-binary, genderfucker, rebel, fagdyke, not what you think.


  9. Julian



  10. Britni

    Uber femme or one hot queer bitch.


  11. Sarah Marae

    Of course, an easy way to come up with many more gender descriptors is to simply add modifiers before them (i.e. “hard butch” or “high femme”).

    Personally, I really like the descriptor “fagette,” although I have yet to use it in conversation.

    I believe “indeterminate” and “undecided” should also be added.


  12. Ravyn

    i kinda like “surreal” as a gender. Also “fluid”. Sometimes electric; other times blown (like a fuse).


  13. Murdercakes

    Oi. After seeing that other page, I’m going to spend tomorrow poking about it. Aside from trannyfag at the moment, I’ll have to add to my colourfulness!


  14. Dharma Kelleher

    This reminds me of the fun I had reading Kate Bornstein’s “My Gender Workbook”.

    My words are “genderfluid butch transdyke”


  15. Jo

    fetch queer woman (a little femme/a little butch)


  16. amelia

    i like homoqueer or queero


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