Defining Androgyne

This user, Pica, has intro videos here and here leading up to this one which detail Pica’s journey through cis and trans spaces to find a label that rings true. Readers, do you have any wisdom regarding the pronunciation?

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  1. Dharma Kelleher

    My pronunciation preference is with the soft g, simply because that’s the standard for when g is followed by y, as in biology and gypsum.


  2. Andrei

    I always thought the ‘y’ was a short ‘i’ sound. My tendency to mispronounce strikes again! I’m glad I learned this though, even if i don’t agree with how he says androgynes have a mental problem. Maybe we think differently, but I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘problem’, per se.


  3. Jaye

    Technically speaking, Pica’s pronunciation is correct. The “-gyne” part has the same derivation (and meaning) as in “gynecologist”, so it makes sense to pronounce it that way.


  4. robotfog

    I used to disagree with hir pronunciation, but then thought about the ‘gynecologist’ connection and thought maybe the G is a hard one.

    I kind of prefer the soft ‘G’ anyway. It has a better feel to my ear.


  5. Sarah

    The definition at has a pronunciation button next to its phonetic spelling:


    (but that’s not to say i believe a dictionary should win all word wars.)


  6. IdentityTBD

    It’s like watching a younger, less freckled version of myself, but with a hot British accent–and a few years further into the search for self.

    Thanks for posting this and linking to Pica’s other videos.


  7. XylophoneGender

    To Andei- yup, I wouldn’t agree with the concept of androgyne as a problem, but some of Pica’s videos put a more positive spin on it.
    Thanks for the input, all. It’s neat to see words as part of culture, as works in progress.


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