Executive Transvestite

World-renowned comedian Eddie Izzard proving that some people can’t help being wonderfully visible.

Posted by on April 14th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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4 Responses to “Executive Transvestite”

  1. Quil

    I find it really, really cheering that a public figure is able to be open about these bits of his identity. Someone funny, someone smart, and yes — someone who can talk personally about having a blurry gender — not always stamping us into academic or sexological frameworks.

    I do find it kind of offputting that one might separate "weirdo" (and therefore "weirdo genders"?) from "okay" (people/genders).


  2. Anja Flower

    Quil, I don't think that he's saying that -he- separates transvestites into "weirdo" and "executive" classes, but rather that others might. Essentially, he's saying that he gets a "free pass" because (a) he's a comedian and (b) he's making MONEY off his dressing. Of course, he doesn't exactly reject said free pass, but he's a comedian, not a gender scholar.

    And yes, Eddie Izzard is truly a treasure. I believe he does a lot to bridge the gap of understanding between transgender/genderqueer people and the rest of the population.


  3. AgentRusco

    I really appreciate Eddie Izzard. In more ways than gender.


  4. Taylor Trash

    I think what he's saying is being a transvestite doesn't make someone a weirdo. Being a WEIRDO makes someone a weirdo. I have always loved this particualr DVD of Eddie Izzard's stuff.


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