FtF: Female to Femme

A 2006 film by Altcinema, Female to Femme invites us to “[i]magine a world in which the journey toward femme was understood to be as radical as journeys to claim and inhabit other queer bodies.”

Editor’s Note Further discussion about the nature of this film (including some critiques on whether it is actually a positive film about gender expression overall) is happening over on the Facebook post. ~Sarah Dopp

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  1. XylophoneGender

    Hey all,
    Theo commented on Facebook about being surprised to see this video posted here on GF. I haven’t had an opportunity to see the entire movie, only the trailer & the promo info. If anyone has more detailed info, descriptions, or insight about this film or why it may be seen as controversial, I would welcome the education & concerns. If you’d rather say things off the record, you can email Sarah Dopp it will get to me.


  2. Jake

    I haven’t seen the film, but I was a little thrown by the statement that FtF was “loving what you already are and being more of it”… running counter the idea that no one is inherently anything, and identifying as femme involves as much a transformation as identifying as butch, or transgender, or genderqueer, or anything else…? I’m female-bodied, but feminine is certainly not what I “already am”.
    Some other interviews seem interesting, though. I’d watch this if I came across it.


  3. J

    But some do feel they have natural inclinations, Jake, and that’s just as valid as feeling you don’t. The problem comes in when you try to use your perspective to define *other* people instead of just yourself. Some people are naturally feminine, others masculine, and others nowhere/in-between. It’s a lot easier to feel like *any* gender is a transformation when you don’t have a deeper pull towards masculinity or femininity, but it’s not like that for everybody.


  4. Jake

    I understand that, I apologize if I came off as dismissive. What I meant by my trouble with “loving what you already are and being more of it” was that it reflected to me an idea that a femme identity is tied to a body that is female assigned, and vice-versa. And it made me feel, as a female-bodied person with a natural inclination to masculinity, that my inclinations are therefore unnatural.

    I could be misinterpreting, but that’s the vibe I got.


  5. Yaasmeen

    Jake, I am a “femme”, and I felt the exact same way when I heard that.


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