Gender Bent

gender bent, originally uploaded by Photos by Mavis.

Posted by on October 7th, 2009 at 10:00 am

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11 Responses to “Gender Bent”

  1. Tristian

    Damn, this picture is intense.
    Look at the smirk on the person’s face, standing up against the wall. He looks like he’s about to start laughing; that isn’t a genuine smile.


  2. Adisson

    Yep. Part of the reason I chose this picture was because it shows the kind of stuff that gender variant people have to deal with everyday.

    Also, I love the person’s jeans. With the little random pockets that would be perfect for spare change. ^_^”

    -Adisson (the photo curator)


  3. AgentRusco

    i want those boots!


  4. Hayden

    I also noticed that guy’s sly smirk. Pfft. I FUCKING LOVE THIS PICTURE. Seriously, I do. It’s actually really hot to see a guy with a shaved head, beard and a tube-top on. He rocks it. Especially the expression on his face, you know he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone says.


  5. rae

    he looks so confident … and sexy!


  6. Transverse Girl

    Bravery! I’m inspired.


  7. Adisson

    @Transverse Girl- THATS WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR! HUZZAH!

    -adisson who is on a sugar high.


  8. julian

    What an awesome snapshot. That person is full of chutzpah.


  9. Erica (The Photo Curator)

    Brave man. Not everyone can rock an orange tube top that hard! :D


  10. ez

    My reaction to this picture..

    1. I laughed.
    2. I felt stupid for laughing solely because this man is wearing something very different.
    3. I scolded myself for several minutes because of #1.
    4. I felt relieved that it didn’t actually happen in real life, I would be no better than the moron grinning in the photo.
    5. I felt proud of the man in the picture, what a brave soul. How many minds he must have challenged just by being himself and wearing what he feels like wearing.
    6. Urge to shake his hand due to #5
    7. Posting this comment.



  11. Anonymous

    I am so with Hayden on this one. He is ROCKING that outfit and his look is FIERCE. Good thing too because it looks like he needs it.


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