Getting away with something.

“Describe an outfit you’ve worn that expressed the complexity of your gender.”

Someone wrote…

My first skirt arrived in the mail today. I’m wearing it now, with panties and a sleeveless, scoop-neck top. What strikes me immediately is how naked I feel while appearing fully dressed. It’s like I’m getting away with something. I never had that feeling in men’s clothes.

What pieces of clothing make you feel “naked” even though you’re fully clothed?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on May 18th, 2009 at 08:00 am

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6 Responses to “Getting away with something.”

  1. beardless

    I can't wear clothing that doesn't touch my leg below (and behind) the knee. Otherwise, I get those naked out in public dreams, which were bad enough when I didn't mind people auto-assuming me female. Short pyjamas are fine, though, because I feel the fabric of the bedding instead.


  2. Shaded Spriter

    I felt the same thing when I wore womens underwear for the first time at the weekend.


  3. IdentityTBD

    I wear a lot of capris, leggings, cropped pants and yoga sweats that go down to the upper calf. Soft and stretchy fabrics. All in black so far, but I hope to find something more colorful soon. I think I prefer having my knees covered as well.


  4. Auro

    To be honest, I feel uncomfortable without all of my arms and legs covered. Wierd but true.


  5. Poet

    That’s part of the appeal of skirts for me! I can’t wait for summer when i don’t have to wear leggings anymore. But, if you are feeling uncomfortable that way, tights or leggings subdue that feeling quite a bit. Plus, colored tights are really cute.


  6. Anonymous

    Boxers! It’s just that free, flow-y feeling. Wonderful. So much great room!


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