How lucky I am.

Alexandra wrote…

After a trip to the mall today I walked home with one bag in each hand. In one I have lacy bras and lingerie and in the other, a handful of new boxers. At home I have a boyfriend who thinks I look sexy in either. It’s times like these where I realize how lucky I am.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on December 11th, 2009 at 08:00 am

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11 Responses to “How lucky I am.”

  1. James

    Wow, that’s wonderful! And it’s so true. Small thungs like that is often forgotten, but when you realise how other’s are having their struggles, you realise your own happiness. Even though it sounds so clishé.


  2. Cat

    Lovely little moments, eh? Lucky you, sounds like your boy is quite the catch. :)


  3. the other julian

    Hey, I got one of those (well, technically, two) men, too.


  4. Jack

    Supportive partners are awesome. My boyfriend (you may remember him as the one who measured me for my binder) has said that if I want him to he will buy me a packer for Christmas (one present I won’t be opening in front of the family). I don’t know what I’d do if he wasn’t there to help me keep sane while I work out what exactly it is I want to do with my gender.

    We’re both pretty lucky people from the sounds of things :)


  5. Naomi

    I can relate to this a lot. I’ve just started wearing boxers, and my boyfriend thinks it’s hot. I’m glad there are guys who don’t expect me to be feminine all the time (even though my queer side is dominant).


  6. Amy

    My boy is the same as this, I’ve been wearing boxers for a good few years now and he’s always loved me in either them or in sexy lingerie :) It does feel awesome to have a boyfriend who supports me in any gender :)


  7. Rach

    I didn’t realize it until I read your quote, but I’m really that lucky, too.

    Thank you for sharing.


  8. Fyn

    You’re amazing! I love how you feel not only comfortable but equally sexy no matter what you’re wearing. And You really are lucky to have found someone that has the same opinion of you as you do of yourself. I hope one day I end up as lucky as you!


  9. Mapie

    That’s so amazing – I wish I could say the same thing!

    Good for you ^____^


  10. Anna

    I’m lucky too. I had been dating my boyfriend for months before I started questioning my gender. He’s heterosexual but he’s perfectly comfortable referring to me as ‘he’ and calling me his boyfriend when it’s what I want to be.


  11. AJ

    This applies to me exactly!


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