I don’t know why they have to be gendered.

Someone wrote…

The term “moobs” or “man-boobs” has become popular, and I am uncomfortable with it. My boobs are just boobs, I don’t know why they have to be gendered.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on April 20th, 2009 at 09:00 am

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7 Responses to “I don’t know why they have to be gendered.”

  1. Allisor

    I'm getting pretty annoyed with the prefixes "man" and "bro" in general. As in bro-job, bromance, murse (man purse or male nurse), etc…


  2. Someone

    Yea those are soooo obnoxious


  3. Shaded Spriter

    I use to use the term man-boobs a lot. Haven’t since coming out… But then again now I look at them and suck in my beer belly and think I have a very feminine shape.

    The hair on my nipples still annoys me…but shaving there will most likely be painfull.


    Rory_Z replied:

    There's always plucking haha, if you wanted to remove the hair that bad. I have plucked the hair around my nipples and it doesn't hurt but maybe that's just me.


  4. IdentityTBD

    I nicked the tip of a nipple the first time I shaved. It didn't hurt any more than a nick anywhere else. However, there was a tiny trickle of very dark blood that wouldn't stop, so I used a styptic pencil on it. That stung like the dickens!


  5. Anonymous

    Waxed my chest once, didn’t hurt anyware except the nipple, and I cried, alot. Still not as bad as waxing my face. Never wax face hair, it just hurts, alot. The only time I ever passed out from pain.


  6. Cat

    This! I was thinking about this just today, even though I identify as fluid, not transmasculine—or at least not limited to that! When I’m feeling femme I emphasize my boobs, when I’m feeling butch/androgynous I downplay them or bind. And then there are times when they just…are. What’s so weird about that?


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