Let your beard grow

Higher levels of androgen hormones, hair follicles with higher sensitivities to androgens, and Hypertrichosis are among the factors which may result in whiskers and beards on otherwise female bodies. Perhaps, with courage from some brave souls, medical texts may some day stop mentioning how psychologically distressing this natural trait can be.

Posted by on April 7th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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8 Responses to “Let your beard grow”

  1. Lee

    Amazing. She really made my day. This was very timely too, as I was just feeling horrible about not being enough of a woman for having hair on my upper lip.


  2. motozulli

    I surprise myself with finding her really beautiful and attractive. And I don't even care for beards on men!


  3. genderkid

    She is so awesome and beautiful. Like the woman in the other video said, I thought I might be prejudiced against women with beards; but actually seeing such a person made me realize how natural it is for a woman to have a beard.


  4. Liz

    At first I was thinking, "Wow, he's hot." And then I heard her speaking and thought, "Wow, she's hot." I'd love to see her hit a renaissance fair with those gorgeous wavy locks. And she's got a great facial hair line that forms a lovely circular shape. It really sets off those gorgeous lips. Kudos to her for looking better in a beard than many men I've seen. Grow your beard!


    Anja Flower replied:

    Oh man (oh woman? oh queer?)! She'd look gorgeous in a nice androgynous Renaissance costume, maybe even some plate armor!


  5. Erica

    Now that I've accepted I have a little bit of a mustache and have stopped noticing it,I can't believe all the pain I went through for years of bleaching and waxing it.


  6. XylophoneGender

    Isn't it great when life works out like that?


  7. Sara A.

    As a woman with PCOS, I can say that facial hair can be pretty psychologically distressing and dealing with it can be physically painful. I get really paranoid about stubble and hairs especially since I work in a big city and work in an industry where my face is my currency. If I let my beard grow, I wouldn’t have a job and I would get comments constantly. The only time I let it grow is if I’m puttering around the house for days on end. And then I feel spectacularly unattractive and like I’m somehow pushing my fiance away.

    It isn’t a beard like men have either, it’s these coarse hairs that pepper my chin, jaw-line, and the underside of my jaw back to my neck. It only grows to be about a quarter to a half of an inch long at most with a texture like wire. I need to shave it every two or so days to keep my mask of normalcy and on the off days I wear my hair down and watch the ground as I walk. I don’t wax because that would require me to grow it and then go to the salon and display the reason I’m there to the world. And even then I’d break out afterwards in a carpet of tiny, painful whiteheads. The sad thing is that I’m one of the lucky women with PCOS! I don’t have terrible acne. I don’t have cystic ovaries. I have regular periods, and will someday be able to have kids. I don’t have male pattern baldness or hair on my chest. I just have the beard, mustache, high testosterone levels, high androgen levels and all this fat and that’s othering enough for me with out growing my beard.


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