Nana’s Christmas wish

Despite being called Chewbacca when younger, Dana – whose chin hairs are linked to PCOS – explains, “This is just me.”

Posted by on December 15th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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18 Responses to “Nana’s Christmas wish”

  1. Skij

    She’s absolutely fucking gorgeous :)


  2. Adisson -Sheik-

    Seconded. Gorgeous person.


  3. Anonymous

    That’s really neat. You’re neat. That’s such a mom word, but, I like the vid.

    I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my underchin quasi-beard. It’s not substantial enough to be beardlike, but it’s not light enough to be ignored. My friend Clyde and I wish we had beards. She is one of the only people I feel on the same gender page with.

    For now I’ve been waxing and plucking because it just feels distracting – like a hangnail. But I totally agree. The people I’ve pointed it out to have been very cool about it and that helped me not feel totally weird about it. If it grew out like yours, I would keep it.


  4. B-Rae

    Ha – that last comment was me. I wiped all of my settings and forgot to type it in again. Not trying to be mysterious. ;)


  5. Billie

    I have exactly the same thing! I’ve got PCOS and basically a full beard growing. I shave every day, though. More because I hate having this wiry hair all over my face. Besides, I feel pretty androgynous when I’m in my mirror in my binder and shaving my face.


  6. fran

    this is awesome! i actually just got diagnosed with pcos today, and had to have a very awkward conversation wtih my doctor explaining why having my period once every 6 months and having “male pattern hair growth” works for my gender identity and isn’t something i want to change, ever. shockingly, though he was kinda surprised, he did seem to be totally accepting of it. however, i only have a super hot “boy”-ish treasure trail and what i like to call the “dirty teen ‘stache” (kinda reminiscent of when cis-boys first hit puberty at ~14). anyway, you’re awesome and thanks for putting this on here (and spreading the word that pcos isn’t all bad)


  7. fran

    oh, and they are also so so so hot


  8. XylophoneGender

    Oh, I’m always so happy to hear of more people sharing these experiences (similar fun vid & comments here I’ve had something similar come up with family recently & love you all for understanding.


  9. nick

    thirded. gorgeous. AND KICKASS. It takes guts to be gorgeous in unconventional ways. fantastic.


  10. morgan

    fourth, hot!


  11. milena

    i have PCOS too and am 1/2 sicillian. i wonder how many genderqueers have PCOS? i get hairs on my chin, neck, stomach and chest. they are kinda in between hairs. not really sure what they are supposed to be doing. i wouldn’t mind if they got their shit together and decided to fill in some places but these random hairs poking out is annoying.


  12. Yalen

    I’m intersex and I have hair on my chin and my neck.. some extends across my jawline. I finally got the courage to just let it grow… and this.. this video… kudos, indeed. I look quite female and everyone I know in rl sees me as one. I’m showing it off at Christmas.



  13. Idgie

    I’m jealous! I’ve always wanted a big Mark Twain mustasche, but I’d settle for a little beard! i shave anyway, to keep the fine downy hair off my face. I look more angular and I like the feel and idea of shaving. My doctor asked me if i wanted hormone treatment for menopause, and i said no WAY! Old biofem outside, genderfree inside.


  14. K

    my significant other has PCOS and I love hir chin hair :D


  15. cinna

    Thank you for sharing! I also have PCOS, also have facial hair, also feel it matches my internal gender. And I love seeing how good it looks on others :-)


  16. kira

    yr hot! & mad respect to you


  17. Sarah-Sophia

    I’m honestly really jelous.
    fifth! You are sooo gorgeous :D


  18. Annka

    I loved watching this. It’s really awesome!


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