Peter Pan

Linda – Peter pan, originally uploaded by Jon_Senior.

Posted by on September 13th, 2009 at 10:00 am

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7 Responses to “Peter Pan”

  1. Avery

    This picture is fabulous! I love it.

    I just can’t stop thinking: “That landing is going to suck.”


  2. ry_z

    This reminds me of Yves Klein’s Saut dans le Vide.

    Love it!


  3. Erica (The Photo Curator)

    “I just can’t stop thinking: ‘That landing is going to suck.’”

    Both this photo and the Yves Klein effect me that way. They stick in the mind because you can’t help wondering what happend *after* they clicked the shutter!


  4. Avery

    Exactly! I want an ending that doesn’t match the visual so I imagine many ways it *could* have ended.

    I work in tech theater. I know what it takes to make someone fly and what that looks like and unless this photo comes from a big budget it ended one of two ways: she landed on her feet, or she landed on something else. I’m sure she landed on her feet but the visual screams otherwise so I sit here and squirm just a little bit, wondering.


  5. Jon Senior

    She landed on her feet. No big budget, but flash to freeze motion, and a dancer who knows how to jump.


  6. Avery

    *nods* That’s what I thought. Dancers are talented folks who blow my mind on a regular basis. (except the flash part. I had no idea how you managed to freeze the shot so well. Well done!)


  7. Anna P.

    I like how the dancer seems to present one gender in their body and another in their shadow. I feel like it speaks to the complexity of any gender: while one might present a certain way, there are always shades of difference coloring, enriching the picture.


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