Profile: a well-dressed mess

a well-dressed mess

You can call me… a well-dressed mess.

I identify as… half male, half androgynous. Depends on the day I suppose.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’m biologically male and therefore am more comfortable using male pronouns. I love the idea of unisex pronouns though, just not for me.

I’m attracted to… different things. Biologically speaking, it doesn’t matter much to me. Thin androgynous men with a cigarette in their mouth; girls with knee-high socks. Surprise me. I’ll like you even better if you’re wearing black nail polish and skinny jeans. Bonus points if you’re obsessed with Lady Gaga or Hello Kitty.

When people talk about me, I want them to… keep it cute or put it on mute. It never hurt anyone to be nice (:

I want people to understand… that you’ll never know until you’ve tried.

About a well-dressed mess
I spend 45 minutes every morning getting ready for school, and I prefer daydreams to reality. I wear my pants reaaaaaaaaaaal tight.

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Posted by on November 13th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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10 Responses to “Profile: a well-dressed mess”

  1. Anonymous

    you look so beautiful in the photo. thank you for sharing. :)


  2. the other julian

    Pretty. Be my friend. I LOVE HELLO KITTY. :P


  3. Chris

    Sweet smile


  4. sasha

    fabulous profile :)
    i love guys who were their pants real tight, and if a dyke can appreciate that, i reckon anyone can


  5. Lilybean

    How astoundingly gorgeous you are. :)


  6. Tikvah

    Just beautiful. Everything, not just the photo.


  7. J

    You are awesome, and pretty! <3


  8. Sylvia

    Firstly: You are so adorably beautiful, and your smile is amazing.
    Secondly: I like your thing about thin androgynous men with cigarettes and girls with knee high socks! That’s so awesome, and the spontaneity and enthusiasm of your words makes me smile.
    Love and hugs


  9. Anonymous

    be my best friend? you had me at Gaga and tight pants~


  10. Kira

    I agree with Anonymous. You need to be my best friend. Now.
    I wear knee-high socks, and I love Lady Gaga. And Hello Kitty. And black nail polish. And skinny jeans.
    Not so much the cigarettes, though ^^;;


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