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You can call me… Amanda. Not Mandy, and definitely not Manders.

I identify as… a musician. And a soccer player/fanatic. :) OR… Can’t, rather, HAVEN’T decided on which line I sit… Not completely dykey, but not simply butch. Lesbian works, really.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’m a girl. I’m used to girl pronouns. I’ve only been mistakenly called “sir” once (at church, nonetheless… lol), and my father has told me I need to “disguise” myself better as a woman. Not sure what that means, exactly.

I’m attracted to… pianos (but not Yamaha… don’t get me started). I’m also chronically attracted to people who don’t love me back. :/

When people talk about me, I want them to… be civil. I may not thoroughly enjoy your company, and you may feel mutually. That doesn’t justify anything. Debating is fine, just don’t let it get out of hand.

I want people to understand… that I am me. Messy handwriting, and super thick glasses. You can’t change me, and the best you can do is ask… But there are no promises.


About Amanda.
So… Hi, there. I’m Amanda. I’m sixteen, and I’m about to leave my home land of Texas for a ten-month study abroad in England. I’m not picky, though mildly particular. I’m a loner, but never lonely. I LOVE sarcasm. Ask me a question, make a statement, it doesn’t matter – I can make anything a perverted innuendo. Beware. o_O I’m also a HUGE Elton John fan. :P

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6 Responses to “Profile: Amanda”

  1. Aran

    Hi Amanda :) Whereabouts in England are you headed?


  2. Amanda

    Hiya, Aran. I’m already here. lol I’m in Northapmton, and LOVING it. :)


  3. gunk

    I completely understand about the Yamaha thing….. my dislike of those pianos was learned from my piano teacher but translated into my general thinking about any instruments. If someone flashes their new Yamaha guitar at me, I’m just not that impressed, unfortunately. I play piano accordion these days and manage to bypass the Yamaha issue.


  4. Amanda

    haha… I only discovered that I hated Yamaha after I found out that Elton John plays Yamaha, so I was guessing there had to be something good there. I went to a piano store just to check it out, because I’ve only ever really played crap pianos like old Lesters and really old Danemanns so… It was a bit of a let down. lol But I have played a Fazioli once. best. day. ever.


  5. Aran

    Ah, shame you’re so far away, I’m in the South near London. I hope you’re enjoying the UK!


  6. Nevi

    Amanda…we have the same chronic problem of being attracted to people who aren’t attracted to us back! :( I’m glad you’re in England and enjoying it; I am definitely envious of this.


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