Profile: Amy


You can call me… Amy

I identify as… a bisexual, queer, postfeminist, androgynous, cross dressing, butch/femme, genderfucker.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’m not fazed. Usually feminine but I like the sense of pride I get from their confusion.

I’m attracted to… feminine men, cute girls with short blonde hair, dreadlocks, blue eyes, andros, piercings, tattoos, girls in boys clothing, or no clothing at all. Wit, intelligence and creativity.

When people talk about me, I want them to… stop calling me a dyke, lesbian or fence-sitter.

I want people to understand… that just because I wear a shirt one day doesn’t mean I can’t wear a skirt the next, and that I dress for myself, not for other people.

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Posted by on November 18th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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26 Responses to “Profile: Amy”

  1. AgentRusco

    yes, PSC continues to take over. Hey Amy!


  2. Ajay



  3. ry_z

    I totally want your earring(s) :x


  4. Becky CollectorManiac

    Amee m’love!
    It’s a strange but awesome pride to see you featured :D


  5. Samson

    Rock on! I think you identify a lot like I do, but you’re way cuter.


  6. Anonymous

    i’m be postfeminist in the post-patriachy.


  7. Katie



  8. Sara

    You sounds like a kick-ass person. And damn, your hair rocks. Mine is similar, though shorter on the back.


  9. TL

    For some reason,
    yours made me smile.


  10. kid

    You are stunning.
    And I want your hair.



  11. Katherine

    people who say ‘fence sitter” suck. P.S. you’re gorgeous.


  12. Jordan (caden) B

    you are so beautiful.


  13. Anonymous

    you are incredibly tasty to look at. i saw your hair and went “dammnit that’s the haircut i should have got!!!” <3


  14. Sam

    Like your sensuality


  15. Dani

    Do you have a facebook?


  16. Kiki

    You’re gorgeous,do you have fb?write me if you do,i would love to se some more photos of you…


  17. Angel

    Do you have a facebook? If you do add me!!! <3


  18. veronica rex

    hello amy i would just like to say i think you are absolutely beautiful


  19. Sarah

    I want to love you.


  20. Riley

    Fence Sitter… i never heard that before o.o


  21. Chrissy

    Wow, I googled pictures of blonde males and I saw your picture. Oh my god you are absolutely the most stunning female I’ve ever seen. Absolutely, positively, amazingly stunning.


  22. Liv

    My friend has hair just like you. It makes her look great.


  23. Cha

    Hi Amy is my fb account hope we can be friends


  24. Someone

    Omfg you are really cute…


  25. Layla

    that is a really fucking hot picture. im bi and attracted to the same as you, femboys mmmm…I love pretty men…and hot chicks with short hair. like youuuuuuuu….hot.


  26. Jade

    How do I know you?? You look really familiar.


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