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You can call me… Art

I identify as… Queer, currently very distraught, but a proud owner of an XX chromosome.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Usually he, but people see different things when they look at me and I understand and am okay with that. I get he or she about 50-50.

I’m attracted to… Glasses, librarians. Nerds. Dirty geeky art people who look like they fell in a bucket of paint. Shyness. Trustworthy friends. Other people who like to talk about logic and life. Short cute people and tall gangly people that have my nerdy goodwill fashion sense. Because they probably ride crappy old bikes, too. Stubble, and nipples. And great hair. Someone who’s not afraid to hold me.

When people talk about me, I want them to… treat me like a person and not an object or an assumption.

I want people to understand… that someone’s sex probably doesn’t matter unless you’re trying to get into their pants.


About Art
Art can be found writing down too much brain vomit on Livejournal, or making cute and weird things on Etsy.

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Posted by on June 24th, 2009 at 08:00 am

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9 Responses to “Profile: Art”

  1. XylophoneGender

    "Nerds. Dirty geeky art people who look like they fell in a bucket of paint." = hearts.


  2. Sheik

    I love goodwill, especially when I find stuff that fits. ^_^

    (and even if it doesn't, it's only 3 bucks, who can pass down pants for 3 bucks?)



  3. Eli

    I pretty much adore the picture you chose for your profile, Art.


    genderkid replied:

    I second that — the idea is great and you are beautiful (not only because of the picture: I love what you wrote too).


  4. Harper

    So hmm, let's see… glasses, check. librarian, check. Nerd, check. Dirty geeky art person who looks like they fell in a bucket of paint, check sometimes. Shyness, check sometimes. Trustworthy, check. Person who likes to talk about logic and life, check. nerdy goodwill fashion sense, check. rides crappy old bikes, check. Stubble, I wish. Likes holding people, check.

    Where do I sign up? xP


  5. ellis

    you're still the best.


  6. Rory_Z

    YAY ART! One of my most favourite people ever. <3


  7. juliandarling

    Awesome profile. Hit all my HELL YES buttons.


  8. marabelle

    Crappy bike owners unite! I once had a coworker leave a note on my bike parked at work: This is not wartorn Sarajevo.

    I feel good riding my bike in vintage clothes and a dorky helmet.


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