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You can call me… Atticus. Or A.

I identify as… genderqueer. And as having a sexuality that has not yet found its definition. I can’t say that I like men, or I like women, or I like both when there are so many others like me out there, who don’t fit any of those categories.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I wish I were more comfortable with gender neutral pronouns. But I’m not, so I don’t ask people to use them. They don’t feel “wrong”, but they feel foreign, like those aren’t me either.

I’m attracted to… Intelligence. And scent. I’m a sucker for a scent I like. Male, female, other, in between, it doesn’t matter. If you’re intelligent, score one. If you smell good, score twothreefourfive – WINNER.

When people talk about me, I want them to… stop. I’d rather they talk TO me. I’d rather have a conversation than whispers. I’d rather have a conversation than rumours. I’d rather have a conversation than let misconceptions linger. I’m not that hard to talk to, I promise.

I want people to understand… that explaining who/what I am isn’t easy – at least not right now. Sometimes I don’t have all the words when you ask. That doesn’t invalidate who I am or how I identify.


About Atticus
I can’t sing. I love chocolate. I am terrified of my life never having meaning. I am open about events of my life that have shaped me. I love Africa. I don’t dance. Or do windows. I don’t ask you to love me. I use iGoogle proudly. My favourite colour is clear. Yes, that’s a real colour. Buy me a book and I’ll love you forever. I photoshop when not reading. I hold the world in the palm of my hand.

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Posted by on May 2nd, 2009 at 08:00 am

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4 Responses to “Profile: Atticus”

  1. Sylvie

    :) You say some good things, especially about intelligence and scent.
    And you're beautiful


  2. Sam

    Love from North Africa


  3. Riley

    You said a lot of things that make a lot of sense to me in a way that I was unable to say them myself, and you are absolutely beautiful.

    Love and Support from Utah… A place where it is sometimes noticeably Lacking :)


  4. Kimberly

    Score! I’ve finally met someone who loves the color clear and feels it is definitely a color! :)


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