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You can call me… Chris

I identify as… a gynosexual genderqueer. I often gender present as male but I identify as female.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I think people should use whatever they are comfortable with by way of pronouns. I believe there should exist an expansive space between trendy circumlocutions and stodgy stereotypes.

I’m attracted to… the smell of a woman covered in sweat; that gender-dyke cruising me from across the room; a sassy Drag King who curls his lip like Elvis; joyful smiles; playful laughs; and MacPhisto.

When people talk about me, I want them to… remark on my determination, my loyalty, my intelligence, and my sense of humor. I want my sex and gender to be noticed like an after-thought, as though it were something floating at the edges of their vision, blurred and indistinct.

I want people to understand… that love, the shiny raindrops that descend from the Divine Archimedean point, is a virtue and habit of the soul.


About Chris
Chris, a moss-covered child of the Pacific Northwest, is a retired Liberal Catholic priest. He has done graduate work in literature and philosophy; taught undergraduate courses in theology; and slept out under the stars. Currently, he is a well fed writer of short stories.

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Posted by on June 5th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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6 Responses to “Profile: Chris”

  1. Rory_Z

    You are just amazing!


  2. Dylan83

    I second that.


  3. XylophoneGender



  4. Chris

    Wow! I'm touched and surprised. Thanks for the affirmations.


  5. juliandarling

    I identified with a lot of this profile :D Especially the part about gender being "noticed like an after-thought, as though it were something floating at the edges of their vision, blurred and indistinct."


  6. Britisshameless

    You seem like a fascinating person. Truly unique and full of contradictions. I bet you would be an amazing person to spend an afternoon with!


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