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You can call me… Master Thespian. … just joshing — the name is Evelyn.

I identify as… Awesome. It’s what I get called a lot, and is reaffirming. As far as gender identity, I like to incorporate a bit of everything… genderqueer gentlemanly glamazon, thank you very much.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I look female, and am regarded as such. Though I am saddened by the way people (especially of the queer variety) judge my character based on superficiality.

I wish there were a wider range of pronouns in the English language! None of ’em really befit me. Meh. Fuck gender. In the ass. =)

I’m attracted to… Androgyny. Butch people. An inherent ‘masculinity’. Also, people who bite, and could take me on (physically speaking).

When people talk about me, I want them to… Smile.

I want people to understand… that we are all devo! stop making sense. being a prisoner of your mind is this life’s worst punishment. pay more attention to why and how you make judgements, and become aware of sociocultural constructs.


About Evelyn
University student in Toronto, ON, Canada. Studying English and Music theory. Broke. I don’t like it here. I want community; I want family. Honesty and goodness are all I know — Writing is my expression of love to the world. I gain strength by overcoming my fear a little more each _______. I love love love the community and expression the internet has made possible — we are the future.

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8 Responses to “Profile: Evelyn”

  1. Andrei

    “people who bite, and could take me on (physically speaking)”

    the sexiest thing is people who are willing to engage in a good play-fight


  2. jean

    this photo, and your statement, are inspiring to me in figuring out my own ever-changing understanding of my own gender… thank you!


  3. Diane

    handsome or pretty? i say, both!


  4. Francesca

    I would say gorgeous :)


  5. Flo

    You are incredibly dashing indeed!


  6. Ev

    I did not know this was published until now!

    So funny to look back upon the person you used to be.

    My definition of what “I’m attracted to” has already changed. Ha.


  7. Anonymous

    I love this photo. It it the type of photo that reaches out an grabs you…it seems to show a true piece of you and you are beautiful.


  8. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure I’m in love


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