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You can call me… Gabriel

I identify as… A bisexual male, but one who plays, toys, and sometimes experiments with conventional sexual stereotypes. I am not afraid to try different hairstyles that most guys would never attempt.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer to be known as he, but when referring to others I call them by what they wish to be called.

I’m attracted to… Women who are not afraid to show their inner power and grace, and men who can be masculine but are not afraid to show that there is more to them than the muscle. A woman who is all makeup does not appeal to me, nor does a man who is all brawn.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that I, like all sentient beings, am unique. We are beautiful, every one of us; it’s time that people realized that beauty is not determined by the tabloids or what the ‘higher up’ in society portray. It is in the self that true beauty can be seen.

I want people to understand… I am a male, but I completely support those who do not carry with themselves a label or gender description like that. I consider myself androgynous in many ways, because I employ personal femininity with my masculinity and my mind. I look more like a male than a female, but I look enough like the archetypal female to persuade someone to look at me differently.


About Gabriel
Most of the time, I refer to the terms female and male as an archetype. I do believe in the archetype of the hermaphroditic, and that archetype for me may occur in physical body or in spirit. It is difficult for me to describe in one window such as this. Ask questions and I will answer.
Gabriel is not my birth name, it is a chosen name used for this site and some others like it. I chose it because it connects with me on some deeper level than I currently understand.
I am a pagan, and so many desciptions of my gender I may relate to my religious beliefs, and If I offend anyone here, I apologize, but it is who I am.
I believe that my spirit can freely travel from male to female incarnations as I choose; I have been in past lives (referring to my belief in reincarnation) as a male and as a female in the past, and I feel that I shall be male and female in future lives, as well. My spirit is predominantly male, but still carries with me the feelings, experiences, and many of the notions I had when I was female in past lives, hence my visual androgyny.

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  1. Gabriel

    Woo! Only one thing has changed since I submitted this; I am now identifying as a gay male, because I am more attracted to the masculine figure right now; but who knows; I may change again.



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