Profile: Geena/Aiden


You can call me… geena or aiden (drag name)

I identify as… genderqueer; or a gay man trapped inside a lesbian’s body. hehe. :D

As far as third-person pronouns go, … he or she will do, as long as you’re not ignorant about it.

I’m attracted to… genderqueer girls, drag kings, sarcastic wit, intelligence, a weird sense of humor, tattoos, eyeliner, dimples, cuddle bugs…

When people talk about me, I want them to… say i treated them well.

I want people to understand… i simply don’t like “fitting in.” i LOVE bending gender norms and crossing the line of gender identity just to see the confused faces of ignorant, judgmental people. it’s SO MUCH FUN! haha.

About Geena/Aiden
i’m probably one of the most laid-back, non-judgmental people you’ll ever meet. my life basically consists of playing the drums, performing as a drag king (hence the name aiden), laughing for NO APPARENT REASON (hehe), drawing, painting, texting, working out, listening to music of ALL KINDS, being outdoors, and just hanging with friends and family. i’m a total geek at times and i’m ok with it. i have a really weird sarcastic/childish sense of humor for which my friends love me. i’m a hopeless romantic and can’t help the fact that i wear my heart on my sleeve pretty much 100% of the time. i’m kinda short in height, so most people call me “cute” for some reason lol. i think that’s about all i can think of to put here right now… but enough about ME let’s talk about YOU ;)

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2 Responses to “Profile: Geena/Aiden”

  1. temenosquetres

    Aiden, will you be going to IDKE XI?


  2. manuel

    i love you


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