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You can call me… Aeron, Hedo, India, (Space) Cadet Hedo

I identify as… A biologically female androgyne. (I’d say about 60% masculine and 40% feminine…SOME days, 50-50. :P)

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Above all others, “xe” (xe, xyr, xem, xemself). To me, “zhe/hir” is too similar to feminine pronouns, which I detest, for me to use it comfortably. If people can’t learn or use “xe,” however, I’ll allow for people to call me “he.”

I’m attracted to… Both males and females, though I definitely prefer biological males, sometimes feminine, sometimes not. I’m with a male-bodied androgyne who dresses and behaves mostly feminine, though, and I must say I’m pretty gosh darn happy to have xem! :3

When people talk about me, I want them to… respect my gender identity and, other than that I am not really concerned with what people say about me.

I want people to understand… That gender is not a choice and is different from sex, and being referred to as “she” (especially when I’m trying to pass as male to avoid it) hurts. I also want them to understand that when they tell me that there is only male and female, they just seem ignorant. I want people to understand that “why can’t you just be happy the way you are?” is a pointless question because other than my secondary characteristics and my height, I am very happy with my body, and do not particularly desire to be a male. Mistakes are okay, as long as people take the time to correct them instead of intentionally treating me as a female.


About Hedo
Hedo is a writer/musician, babysitter and band promoter in Pennsylvania who is trying to educate the people around xem about the third gender along with xyr partner, Ryan.

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