Profile: Hurricane Amelia

You can call me… Hurricane Amelia

I identify as… a human animal

As far as third-person pronouns go, … anything, fuck it!

I’m attracted to… Kindness, love, people who care about those around them

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that I’m not a girl. I’m not a boy. Fashion is fashion. Who said it? “Drag is what happens to me when I get dressed in the morning…” (I think the author of ‘My Gender Workbook.’) Sure I have a vagina, but this doesn’t determine anything (nor would having a penis). I don’t know what acting like a boy means. I don’t know what acting like a girl means. I think gender is a marketing tool or a societal construct put in place to control us… through social or religious fear or something like that. We’re all just some half the equation for the creation of new life whether we breed or not… and I probably won’t. If you are just a vagina, then all you will ever be is just a vagina. iI you are just a penis, all you will ever be is just a penis.

I want people to understand… Neither gender nor sex should define you. I recognize biology therfore I recognize my sex, but I DON’T let my sex define my gender; I have no gender. I’m just Amelia… or sometimes Amelioooo! I wear what I like and I do what I like.


About Hurricane Amelia
I’m a natural disaster, naturally.

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  1. Tristian

    Kate Bornstein.



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