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You can call me… Ian, but when I’m fucking you.. please call me daddy.

I identify as… myself, but FTM is easier I suppose.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … please use the male ones when addressing me. But I do understand that people use what they think they see, so I deal with it but it makes me feel insecure about myself.

I’m attracted to… this one girl who puts color in my world.

When people talk about me, I want them to… look me in the heart and not what I have or do not have on the outside.

I want people to understand… I know how I was born and I know that I have no choice. I know it may not show on the color of my skin, but I know it’s in my heart and in my soul.


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Posted by on October 1st, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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9 Responses to “Profile: Ian”

  1. Claudius Maximus

    “but I know it’s in my heart and in my soul.” WOW Ian from one gentleman to another well said.


  2. Person

    Hey, I’m a cisgendered-but-uneasy gay male (a junior in college, as it happens); my SO frequents this site, and I looked over at hir computer and said “oh my, he’s pretty” when I saw you, so I thought I’d tell you as much. :)


  3. Anonymous

    I just want to say how amazingly handsome you are…….your face appeared on my sceen and was like….WOW. You are amazing.


  4. Anonymous

    wow, you’re really good looking. yum.


  5. nelle

    damnnn you are HOT!!!!


  6. Ajay



  7. julian

    I thought Ian’s piercings were really classy. And then I read the profile and was like “WOAH AWESOME PERSON.”


  8. unknown

    You’re really cute. ;)


  9. Amanda

    Okay, if you’re that gorgeous with a straight face… I’m almost afraid to see your smile. ;)


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