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You can call me… JB, which stands for “Jen” and “Ben” — and the gender limbo I live in. According to my wife, it also stands for “her sweet Jenny Bear.” ACK!!!

I identify as… a transgender butch, an FtNF (female to not female).

As far as third-person pronouns go, … about half of my friends use male pronouns for me. Most of my family uses female pronouns. Tongue-tied cashiers usually hit it about 50/50. I cringe when I hear anything feminine in relation to myself.

I’m attracted to… my decidedly NOT butch wife, who nevertheless has an inner butch screaming to get out. That said, transguys and butches make us both hot.

When people talk about me, I want them to… give me a little shit about who I think I am — so I can tell them.

I want people to understand… that not everyone with gender dysphoria has to transition 100 percent. I’ve been able to stop short of using T and surgery (for now at least) to quell my dysphoria because my family, friends and colleagues actually SEE me for who I am, and treat me the way I want to be treated — which is NOT like a woman.


About JB
JB is a 46-year-old journalist/writer/editor living in a 73-year-old house in the DC metro area with his wife, two teen daughters, two big dogs and five cats. Over the past decade, he’s covered youth issues for a national publication, and taught journalists how to cover socio-political issues affecting children, youth and families — particularly the disadvantaged.

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  1. Ravyn

    i like the option of putting an N in the usual Ft… acronym. i just end up being, well, Not, some days.


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