Profile: JB


You can call me… JB

I identify as… A lesbian who doesn’t know whether she should be butch, femme, or a gay boy who likes girls. @_@

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Call me she or her unless we’re close.

I’m attracted to… Girls. Feminine girls, butch girls, MTF transgenders… girls.

When people talk about me, I want them to… “focus on my personality rather than my gender.” ;]

I want people to understand… That I’m in a stage right now where I’m not exactly sure where I am, but I know I’ll get there, and when I do, it’ll be glorious.


About JB
I’ve identified as a lesbian for about two years now, semi-openly with friends. My older brother is gay, and so is my male best friend. I’m basically like a queer boy personality-wise, but I’m a girl who likes girls. I think my identity kind of molds depending on the person I’m with. I usually fall for more feminine girls, but it really depends. Androgyny is really really attractive to me, too. Basically, I’m open to experiences and I’m kind of an enigma at this point in time.

Posted by on March 25th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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6 Responses to “Profile: JB”

  1. raphael

    butch and femme can be temporary and fun places to muck around in, as well as solid and stable identities, so you could always switch it up!

    i have a couple of points on language. i hesitated on bringing them up, but more food for thought is cool, so … imagine that i’m saying all this stuff in a thoughtful tone, def. not a hostile one. i know the internet often makes communication so ambiguous, and that can suck.

    1) i think it’s kind of appropriative of a gay man’s identity to call oneself a gay dude who likes girls. i’m having trouble clarifying why i feel this way. does that make any sense, though? the reasoning behind what i said?

    2) by “mtf transgenders” d’you mean “trans women”? (:

    3) what’s it mean to be “like a queer boy personality-wise”? i know several handfuls of boys who’re queer, and they didn’t all share any particular mold of queer-boy-character-traits. when people assume that they share a common personality, i call that stereotyping.


  2. Aly

    I identify as… A lesbian who doesn’t know whether she should be butch, femme, or a gay boy who likes girls. @_@

    Why don’t you just be yourself? You are a boy, and you like girls. There are ten times more pretty straight girls on Earth than there are pretty lesbians, and that is a fact. You don’t have to be butch, femme, gay, or straight. Just forget about what a pussy you are, and go get some pussy. Or dick, whatever.


  3. Michael

    I consider myself a lesbian trapped in a male body. I like boys but I love butch girls. I think there are way more hotter butch girls then there are straight girls, not just by the way they look but there personalities too. I have had more dyke friends then gay male friends that where more understanding, caring, loving and all-around fun to be with.


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  5. kaveh barani

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  6. iman

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