Profile: Mike/Jell

You can call me… Mike… or Jell.

I identify as… a genderqueer, somewhat camp, more-male-than-female-in-my-head, writer/actor/graduate/Christian person.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I answer to any, though these days the majority put to me are “her” and “she.” In my inner monologue I can use “she” and “he” interchangeably.

I’m attracted to… queers. Pretty men, pretty queers, and the occasional pretty lady. Smiling eyes, a charming laugh and a passion for arts is up on that list too ;)

When people talk about me, I want them to… talk about me as a person they know, and not assume that any of my characteristics and hobbies — be they my collection of Wolverine comics, my penchant for the sociological history of Camp and Queer, or my fondness for cross-stitch — are in any way influenced by what I have (or don’t have) down my trousers.

I want people to understand… That I’m okay with myself, and that is the most important thing. I may have a few hang-ups, but I’m just like anyone else. And that it’s okay to ask if you’re curious, it’s not like a Big Secret.

About Mike/Jell
I’m a graduate still trying to work out where I want to go in the world. I sing (loudly), I act, I love writing, poetry, the sociological history of homosexual culture and I have an odd addiction to stationery.

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4 Responses to “Profile: Mike/Jell”

  1. Idgie

    Queer and Christian! Me too! :)


    Mike replied:



  2. Ly

    Queer and Christian as well. I find it interesting to straddle both sides of the fence, to be a part of both communities when most of the time they oppose each other so strongly.


    Mike replied:

    I think, really, it depends on the general environs as a whole. It stopped being an uncomfortable balance once I accepted the idea in my head- I can no more stop being a Christian than I can stop being Queer. Luckily, I have to say I have never experienced bigotry from active members of my denomination, nor of any other denomination I’ve spent time with (I don’t deny that this happens, but in my own experience I know I am incredibly lucky). Overall I’ve experienced more bigotry and/or misunderstanding from agnostics and on a few particularly memorable occasions other lgbtq people- and I’m still proud enough to be a part of the latter grouping too ^^


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