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You can call me… Noctis

I identify as… an intersexed androgyne in transit. I was female-assigned at birth, but am transitioning towards femmeboi. I’m a eunuch, having had my ovaries and ovotestis and the rest of the internal kit and kaboodle removed, but I’m pretty sexy.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I used zie/hem/hes with my friends, and zie/hir cuz it’s easier with the broader public.

I’m attracted to… genderquerity, strength, intelligence and empathy.

When people talk about me, I want them to… acknowledge that intersexuality happens, and that genderplay is great for the soul. A curator here at Genderfork asked me to tell folks about what I do in Second Life, the online virtual world ( I have three avatars there: Noctis, a boi avatar, Rivka, female, and Luminis, my intersexed androgynous incarnation. Being able to manifest in a spectrum of virtual sexes is a fascinating business. Together, my avatar array runs the Avatar Identity Research Center. I do research in Second Life on folks with transgressive avatars–feel free to look me up inworld in any of my avatar forms.

I want people to understand… that the fact that other people relate differently to their identities is not intended to deny the validity of their own experiences. That sex-assignment surgery on nonconsenting children is unconscionable. That cissexism kills. That gender should be fun, not work.


About Noctis
I’m an academic who researches identity in virtual worlds. I juggle a kid, disabilities that emerged from my intersex condition and its medical treatment, teaching masses of goggle-eyed undergraduates, and a full personal life. My partner is Beta, and I’m joyfully traveling together with hir on a joint intersexed sextransitioning journey.

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