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You can call me… Paige.

I identify as… a lesbian with heterosexual tendencies, with the personality of a gay boy.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer female ones, yet male ones don’t make me uncomfortable.

I’m attracted to… androgynous and butchy girls, and femme boys at times. I love piercings and other body modifications. What I really want is a good soul though.

When people talk about me, I want them to… remember me as a person, not as queer or “dykey.”

I want people to understand… that gender and sex are not the same. There is no such thing as normal. It’s okay to be different than someone else.


About Paige
Paige is a 15 year old from Alabama. She is genetically female but rarely wears makeup or skirts and the like. Gender-wise she identifies as male, but prefers female pronouns. She identifies sexually as queer or lesbian with hetero-tendencies.

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Posted by on April 23rd, 2009 at 07:00 pm

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2 Responses to “Profile: Paige”

  1. Quil

    Nice earrings, and it's great to see someone a little closer to my age here!

    What d'you mean by "the personality of a gay boy"? I've seen that kind of thing around here a couple of times, and it always puts me on edge a little. Like, it's a pretty big generalization to imply that all/most gay men will automatically share a certain set of traits (beyond being, well, gay and male). If you mean "flamboyant" or something, just say so, y'know? :)

    So you're definitely XX — that's fascinating! Have you gotten karyotyped? I've always sort of wanted to look mine up, even though I know it doesn't mean much.


  2. Cookie

    I feel that visceral reaction when I see "like a gay man" etc. I mean that's more an internalization of the violence done against me and fucking adorable 15-y/o's taking it back is how you make it your again.

    If you want to fit this whole discussion into a larger context, I would say that Paige is doing her thing to the utmost of her ability, and is maybe taking a category grounded in "biological sex" and gender expectation and disregarding the restrictions of its definitions. Genderfork is the ideal place to do this.

    More than anything, I want to know what Paige thinks! This is her page!


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