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You can call me… Rowan

I identify as… I don’t really like using any of the technical terms used to describe people. Of course many people are comfortable identifying themselves in a few words, but I find it too hard to do for myself or other people. Since this site is mostly based on gender identity, I will say that I don’t really feel like a boy or a girl.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Though I haven’t thought about the possibility of people using different pronouns for long at all, I don’t think I really mind. If people assume I’m something other than what I was born as then I actually feel complimented by it, since I’m trying to escape the implications made by such things. I’m not really a fan of the hybrid ones though.

I’m attracted to… essentially, anyone. I have no gender preference or interest in sexual relationships, so my attractions are mostly only based on mentality, but it’s important to add that I am completely open to polyamory.

When people talk about me, I want them to… forget about things being “weird” or even just different for a moment.

I want people to understand… other people, including myself. If this isn’t possible, I want them to at least try, and to be kind, which people so often aren’t in the face of something they don’t understand.


About Rowan
Sometimes I want to tell everyone in the world that I have love and affection for them. I want to make beautiful stories for everyone to enjoy. I want to live a life that’s simple and childlike but fun and exciting.

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Posted by on December 31st, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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22 Responses to “Profile: Rowan”

  1. Anonymous

    Oh wow, you’re cute.


  2. Jenni

    …I think I’m going to be stealing your words when asked who I’m attracted to, you have summed that up amazingly :)

    Also…you’re stunning! In the wonderful ambiguous way that doesn’t fit to any word describing a particular gender :)


  3. Alex

    To be redundant after everyone else that’s said it, you’re beautiful. And handsome. You’re both and… you just look great! ^_^


  4. Adisson -Sheik-

    I usually don’t read profiles with the expectation of finding language that speaks to my own identifications, but I think the language you use in your profile is super great, and does just that.

    also, you’re cute as all hell.


  5. Jack

    This has nothing to do with your post or gender (even though I really liked your post and it got me thinking) But my brother has the name Rowan and I just wanted to tell you that I love the name.


  6. IdentityTBD

    “my attractions are mostly only based on mentality”



  7. caitlin



  8. Anonymous

    soooooooo handsome!


  9. Joey

    Not to steal your thunder here, but we look a lot alike! I dare say you’re much cuter, but I can deffinately see a resemblence.


  10. Tualha

    OMG you are SO cute.


  11. Anonymous

    Honestly, you are adorable. Stop it.

    And I love all of the words you’ve used.


  12. FTMango

    good thing you’re poly. . . we all want you and i bet you can handle ALL of us.


  13. reaching

    I think I saw you at the Escape, or at least someone equally cute…


  14. Anonymous

    Hot & Powerful Words…


  15. Claudius Maximus

    You are one sweet human being. Thank you for shinning your light on the world.


  16. Ezmyrelda

    Very cute, no matter what gender.


  17. Anonymous

    Super cute.


  18. Soul Rebel

    You are an extraordinary human being…


  19. Anonymous

    You are incredibly attractive. I wish I could pull off hot androgyny like you do. Awesome name too.


  20. fox

    This is likely excessively late and pitiful, but you sound exactly like how I think/live. It’s a shame I’ve never met you- like The Little Prince, being childlike forever can at times be lonesome. Do you write? I illustrate. If you’d like, (potential children’s supernovelists?) I shall leave my e-mail, no doubt a shot in the dark…


  21. clarisa

    U are my other half, and its weird to say that.


  22. Marvin

    I really identify with a lot of stuff you said. Especially about not liking gender labels and your quote for the “About Rowan” section – reaching out via art and creation, and forming human connections. I haven’t known a lot of people who have felt that way; I was often made to feel that I was too sensitive and vulnerable or cared too much, or that caring about people or having strong emotions was a flaw, which I realize now that it is not.
    Right on. Would love to read stories of yours someday!


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