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You can call me… Stefany, or Clark Gable.

I identify as… genderaloof. It’s like genderqueer, except that I (usually) try not to put too much intent behind my gender presentation. I put myself out there as-is and observe what kind of feedback I get. And then discard that feedback, because I don’t really care.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … the female ones are fine. Though whenever someone calls me “sir” (or “bud,” like talking to a 10-year-old boy), I just giggle a bit and don’t correct them.

I’m attracted to… smartypants girls who are sometimes boys. Tiny boys whose clothes I can fit. Queer punx on bikes. College professors.

When people talk about me, I want them to… have no idea what they’re talking about. That’s the aloofness I mentioned before. The second someone can sum me up in a nutshell, that’s the second I need to break out of that shell and find a new one.

I want people to understand… that they are the only ones who have control over who they are. Only *you* can define you. It sounds simple and obvious, but there are so many people who don’t practice it in real life. It took a long time for me to realize that, and it’s an ongoing battle. But I think (re)claiming control over yourself, over your identity, is the first step towards true satisfaction, or nirvana, or fulfillment — whatever you want to call it.

About Stefany
Why, hello there. I am a language geek, a guitar player, a frequent flier, a beer snob, astigmatic, a DIY enthusiast, and and always up for jabbing the status quo with a sharp, glittery stick.

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Posted by on December 23rd, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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11 Responses to “Profile: Stefany”

  1. Lanthir

    (^__^) You’re cute!


  2. jay

    yes you are extremely cute!


  3. Nimoru

    I think you are clearly in possession of my brain. This is kind of exactly how I feel and how I’m trying to explain things to my parents. Esp. genderaloof. I say labelfuck, but I guess they’re pretty much similar! YEEEE I love how Genderfork helps the whole we-are-not-alone thing. :D


  4. Rebecca

    Hurray for being attracted to smartypants and professors! I always end up being attracted to intelligent people who are older than I am. If they’re up for a discussion on literature, it’s even better.

    I love how naturally the photo of you is taken. Those sort of photos reveal much more about the person that poses do.
    Oh, and I like your outfit. :)


  5. Lilybean

    Genderaloof! I love it. It DOES sound much more natural, as though ‘genderfuck’ is some kind of “statement”.

    I also love your nutshell comment, and think you are rather cute!


  6. Amanda

    Two things: you’re awesome, and that is a SWEET tie. :)


  7. miko

    word, overlabeling is no fun
    once i have some sense of identity i try to just step back and live

    i don’t know where you’re at but feel free to hit me up on tumblr, i could use some help with my grammar homework


  8. yulan

    you remind me of myself in a strange 4th dimension sort of way. And miko im following you on tumblr now hope you don’t mind :)


  9. BamBam

    Tie clip ftw.


  10. Stefany

    You all rock, ya know.


  11. Fro

    Stealing boys’ clothes that you can fit into rocks. My boyfriend doesn’t fully yet realize my obsession with this.


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