Question: Gender Expression

jay asks…

how do i convince my mom to let me wear a tuxedo to my prom?

Please post your response in the comments below.

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Posted by on December 17th, 2009 at 08:00 am

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  1. Joey

    The question of the age.


  2. Rhiannon

    At the Gothic Charm School, the Lady of Manners writes beautifully about, among other things, how to convince your parents to let you dress your own way. If you haven’t tried this already, “sit down with your mother and ask her what her objections … are.”


  3. Andrei

    It’s not her prom, it’s yours. Rent it yourself and wear it. Or ask your dad instead (that’s how I did it).


  4. jay

    thanks everyone ill try these out


  5. Astra

    Another tactic you might want to try is showing your mother that it’s cheaper to rent a tuxedo than get a prom dress. If you need dress shoes, it’s actually a good thing; you can use those things more than once. I never wore my prom dress or shoes after that day.


  6. Astronaut

    Yeah, just do it. I did that for my Formal and though they would have rather I wore a dress my parents couldn’t force me to. It also depends on how used to your ‘style’ your mum is, cause from my parents perspective it was just another outfit from my bizarre or ‘alternative’ array. Good luck :)


  7. Keanan

    I wore a suit to my formal. I just sat my parents down, told them what I was wearing, said I didn’t care what other people said, and told them it was my dance and not theirs. You want to remember prom as a good time that you had with friends and/or/not with a date. And tell them that tuxes are less drama then a dress (at least from what I can tell).


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