Rachel Maddow unadorned

Even after landing The Rachel Maddow Show with MSNBC and compromising with the producers over make-up and a more mainstream appearance, Rachel can still be seen without make-up, rocking nerdy glasses, and wishing us all a happy new year.

Posted by on December 30th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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8 Responses to “Rachel Maddow unadorned”

  1. Beth

    I want Rachel to be my big sister.


  2. Julian

    I love her soooo much.


  3. Anja Flower

    I would like to second the above comments; I, too, love her soooooo much and would like her to be my big sister. The thrill to me of seeing a smart, funny, progressive, gender-nonconforming queer on national television never goes away. The make-up and contacts certainly aren’t unattractive per se, but mmmy goodness she is so adorable and handsome without them!

    Keith Olbermann, on the other hand, I’m a bit grumpy at. He had Michael Musto on air making jokes at homophobic beauty queen Carrie Prejean’s expense. I was amused – until Musto made a joke about how they didn’t just secretly give her a boob job, they secretly cut her dick off, too. Michael Musto is openly and visibly gay. He should know better than to make trans jokes.


  4. Anonymous

    Is it wrong that I kind of want to steal her and keep her to myself? She is awesome and I never tire of hearing her wittily yet respectfully destroy right wing conservative nut jobs. Way too adorable w/ those glasses.


  5. danika

    noooo, rachel maddow said “rule of thumb”.


  6. Margo

    Let’s hope she doesn’t know what “rule of thumb” means. It is an awful phrase. But I still think she’s a hottie, especially now that I’ve seen her with her in glasses and no make up.


  7. Arron Mcquirk

    Lol…where would we be without our daily dose of TV (or DVR)!


  8. Jessica

    The folk etymology that “rule of thumb” has anything to do with beating your wife is false. According to what I saw on the Snopes message board, “the phrase is almost certainly an allusion to the fact that the first joint an adult thumb measures roughly one inch, literally a rule (or ruler) of thumb. Since human dimensions vary, any measurement so taken would be only a rough approximation and not to be trusted where precision was required.”


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