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Chris Pureka

Chris Pureka changed my perception of gender. I heard she identified as genderqueer, but I had no idea what that was. Since then, I learned more and more. She’s totally amazing. Her laugh (well, giggle) doesn’t match her appearance. Her voice doesn’t sound like her laugh. She’s a genuine, intelligent, cool person that more people should know about. Hell, my slightly homophobic sister likes her.

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Posted by on December 3rd, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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7 Responses to “Recommendation: Chris Pureka”

  1. Firebolt

    I checked her out and it’s love at first sight – or sound – doesn’t matter which. Thanks for this great recommendation!


  2. AgentRusco

    I agree, great recommendation!


  3. Caitlin

    Oh yes, Chris is very amazing.


  4. kea.moon

    I’ve been listening to Chris on repeat for months now, the way she strums that guitar…amazing.


  5. XylophoneGender

    FYI Chris will be playing Wednesdays in January in Los Angeles:


  6. Anonymous

    It’s too bad the previous rude comment has not been deleted. Chris is a wonderful person, and the unkind posting speeks volumes about the person who posted it.


    tigr replied:

    Hi, thanks for pointing it out – I’ve now removed the comment you referred to. As pointed out below the comment box, judgmental comments will be deleted – unfortunately sometimes things slip through the net, so if you see something which doesn’t agree with the spirit of genderfork, do let us know so we can deal with it!

    Tech admin


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