Recommendation: Court Allows Teen to Remove Breasts

I think you’ll like this because it deals with a biologically female 17-year old’s attempts to physically realize the gender he identifies himself as. It’s an interesting article because it concerns a minor, and validates a minor’s feelings about their gender.

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Posted by on May 31st, 2009 at 08:00 am

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4 Responses to “Recommendation: Court Allows Teen to Remove Breasts”

  1. Dharma Kelleher

    It bothers me that the article kept referring to the young man as "she".


  2. Aran

    The Justice uses the male pronouns throughout though. So obviously he has a way better grip on things than the hack who wrote the article. Nevertheless, a very interesting decision. Thanks for linking.


  3. fox

    This article was digged (showed up @ a few weeks ago.

    I mentioned it to a someone I know through work (since he has a trans right now sticker on his laptop among many). He replied something akin to "I support people's right to gender expression, but" something about disagreeing with modifying the body like that.

    I see where he's coming from; top surgery should not be the determining factor in someone being a man or not etc.*; but damn I still want it if I had the "guts" t

    (* Reminds me of another digged article, about a mtf who's marriage was annulled cause couldn';t prove she had her surgery and [due to unrelated crimes] put in a male prison).


  4. Elliott

    The BBC article of this handled it better – correct pronouns and stuff.
    The headline DID refer to a teenage girl but my friend emailed them and they corrected it almost immediately :-)


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