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Enough Man

I discovered this film while prescreening titles for my History of Sexuality professor in the spring. In the end, this one couldn’t be shown in class because it has too much explicit sex in it, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who wouldn’t be bothered by that. It’s made up of unstructured conversations with nine transmen and their partners where they talk about body issues, sex and romance issues, and everything else. The director does a really good job of smoothly integrating the candid discussion scenes with the candid sex scenes (which can get rather kinky). I found this film really moving; while it may only represent a small segment of the trans community, it felt very personal and true to the lives of the people it portrays.

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Posted by on July 21st, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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5 Responses to “Recommendation: Enough Man”

  1. Animal

    one hundred dollars for a 61 minute dvd???


    Dylan83 replied:

    My sentiments exactly :-/…


    Sheik replied:

    Most documentaries are like this as they're not normally made for public consumption, but rather for use in higher education and seminars and suchlike that can spend 100 dollars on an hours worth of film. They don't drop down in price until later (which is why most of the science movies in my highschool were at from at least the 80s, if not earlier).


  2. Steph

    found it for home use (haha)

    Sounds cool!


  3. IdentityTBD

    Thanks for posting the home-use link, Steph.


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