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Gender Voice
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I’ve only just become aware of Gender Voice, but it is a social network not unlike Facebook or MySpace. However, it’s aimed specifically toward trans people (et al) and their supporters.

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Posted by on September 10th, 2009 at 08:00 am

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7 Responses to “Recommendation: Gender Voice”

  1. Jess

    What’s up with this site requiring you to specify a gender, and then only giving you 4 options?? Male, Female, Boi, Pangender. I wouldn’t use any of these to describe myself :(


  2. Sarah

    Jess, I saw that when I first checked them out and had the same reaction. I sent the administrators a message through their contact form about it, but haven’t heard back.

    It’s a real bummer, because this looks like a great community. But those gender choices are a major issue.


  3. Lanthir

    @ Jess and Sarah –> Wow, seriously? That seems like a pretty random selection of gender identities too. Wtf.


  4. fox

    It’s suprising how gender/transgendered-orientated sites can be restrictive as far as gender choices. I’ve seen in other sites too and it’s.. disappointing.

    Personally, when I finally get around to making a gender-related-stuff archive I want to make ( put a bit more organization to my bookmark), if I have a field for gender it’ll be an optional, multi free tagging taxonomy :). (think: tags like on blog sites).


  5. Lindsay Stone

    Hey there I am the one who runs Gender Voice.

    Here is the thing to answer you questions about the gender selection. The thing is this was built on a standard platform that is out there, and because the Gender field is part of the core build of the script it had to be there. I didn’t have the money or the time to try to build something from scratch nor would I have tried. I did manage to add some additional fields but even that was limited due to search features of the site. This is why I did add Pangender as it tends to cover a much larger spectrum. I can only do so much with no resources, and to be honest I feel I have managed to do a lot so far with what I had to work with. What I’m continue to be amazed by is how it seems that we continue to be so critical of peoples efforts to help build a community. I’m sorry if anyone is put off by the limitations, but you will be missing out on great things to come. The reason you did not get a response was prob because your email got lost in the shuffle. I am only one person I can only do so much.

    Lindsay Stone


  6. fox

    Aaah, I was sorta wondering if it was a technical limitation.

    Bad script, bad! (Wonder if it’s using a cms or some sort of framework.. couldn’t tell from the html source).


  7. Anonymous

    Lindsay: what about just having an “other” option, instead of restricting people?


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