Recommendation: Rad Hourani’s Unisex Line

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These are hip, casual designer clothes meant to be worn by anyone and everyone! It’s amazing to see someone in the design world, especially at the higher end of the industry, doing something that really breaks gender barriers. The clothes are modern, wearable, and totally cool.

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Posted by on August 25th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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6 Responses to “Recommendation: Rad Hourani’s Unisex Line”

  1. Anonymous

    seems like made to be worn by anyone that has a very slender these items come in larger sizes for those who don’t just confront gender stereotypes but also body stereotypes?


  2. gunk

    that’s exactly what I was thinking! sure, it’s great to have designer clothes that are androgynous/unisex, but it would be great to cater to all sizes, not just those on the slender end of things. I’d love to see work from a designer who caters to both.


  3. 364unbirthdays

    Yes. Yes. Yes. I’m a huge fan of fashionable unisex clothing, and Rad Hourani is just fantastic.

    High fashion is always breaking gender barriers. It’s not a new thing by any means. But I guess he is one of the few designers I know who has a whole line of unisex clothing.

    Anonymous, I doubt that’s happening anytime soon.


  4. Annemarie

    Love these designs and the fact of their appeal to both sexes. Great inspiration for anyone who wants to start a fashion design business.


  5. pythos

    Honestly, I see nothing great here. I see shorts…which have been unisex for eons. I see pants…Ok. I see kinda sloppy shirts (don’t get me wrong I like some). What would have been refreshing would be variations in body type, shorts AND skirts, some guys wearing skirts, and the girls in shorts.
    I do like the fact most of the guys are in heels. About time I would say.


  6. sara faarax

    hues a boy n hue a girl?


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