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The pink dress
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The picture at the top could be seen as pretty othering, but otherwise this is a great story. It’s about Sam. At four years old Sam decides to wear a pink sundress to school. It’s a story all about how to support your child and how preparing them for the fact that they might be bullied for dressing outside of gender binaries is much better for the child than stopping them being who they are to try and protect them. This always cheers me up when I’m having a bad day.

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Posted by on December 28th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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12 Responses to “Recommendation: The Pink Dress”

  1. Anonymous

    Love, love, love


  2. Anonymous



  3. James

    I just read the story, and it surely made my day. Wow.


  4. Mark

    Gave me a nice warm feeling in my heart


  5. Keanan

    That’s one awesome kid. The parents seem really cool too about the situation. (Hm… I have those shoes..good pick for the photo).


  6. Julian

    That photo is flipping amazing.


  7. BamBam

    “Don’t make fun of me! I can be a boy AND wear a dress, because it is MY choice!”

    At four years of age, Sam has so much more courage than I will ever have, and I am 21. He doesn’t let the haters get him down, and I’m in awe of him for that, as my whole life, I listened to others’ disparaging comments and turned it inwards, becoming self-loathing, uncomfortable and awkward.

    Sam is my inspiration to be who I want to be, unapologetically, because like he said, it’s my choice.


  8. Jenni

    This made my day :)
    It’s a shame boys always find it more difficult – as a child, I would wear jeans, boots and large t-shirts, and there would be no issue beyond “Well, she’s not very girly, is she?”
    I’m glad that people are accepting it the other way round :)


  9. Jack

    So glad this got published. I feel the need to share this with everybody I know because it makes me smile so much every time I read it. Instantly makes my day better every time :)


  10. Cat

    Jenni – Yeah, I was the same way. Beyond being called a “tomboy,” I didn’t get much trouble. But a boy doing the same thing? That has been such a taboo in our society for so long.

    This is a wonderful article, and major kudos not just to Sam, but to his parents as well for allowing him to be who he is. Most parents would aggressively disapprove of “girlie” behavior from a boy. It’s great to see that mold starting to break apart.


  11. Rebecca

    That is wonderful! It’s great that Sam has such supportive parents who let him be who he is instead of trying to get him to conform to gender roles. He is a brave young boy.
    This made me smile. Thanks for sharing.


  12. J

    I’ve read this before but it’s great to see it posted here! Such a beautiful story, and I’m so glad boys are gradually getting “total clothing rights” too.


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