Some kind of drag.

Someone wrote…

Every day whether I put on a dress or pants it feels like some kind of drag. I love everything I wear and feel very lucky and free to be myself at home or at work or out in the world — but for me, all outfits are a performance.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on July 1st, 2009 at 08:00 am

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  1. Pythos

    How were you able to attain this though. I am thinking the poster here is a male to female TG or the like. I personally do not want to give up my gender in order to wear what I like with little to no repercussions. I would love to wear a nice skirted outfit to work opposed to sloppy slacks. But it just is not possible unless I try to pass as a woman.



    Sheik replied:

    Actually there are a lot of female-assigned people who feel this way. That anything we put on is some sort of performance. I try not to assume anything about any of our contributers. ^_^

    unfortunately, work situations are a bit strict on wardrobe, but have you tried wearing skirts other places? ^_^ One has to start somewhere. Also, check through the pictures, I'm pretty certain theres a masculine guy in a masculine skirt a few pages back, somewhere.



  2. Steph

    I, a female bodied person, feel this way.

    It's almost campy to dress overly-masculine or feminine for me. And then most days, I'm just me, in the middle in the way of dress.


  3. Alaina

    I completely identify with this. Every day is a costume!


  4. just call me Leigh


    this is how i feel every single day. and it's been tearing me apart. i never really feel like i look like "Me". i feel like i look like today's "Version of Me". and i'm learning to accept that each version is valid and i don't need to present the same person every day. i just need to be true to how i feel on that particular day, in that particular moment.

    thank you. it's such a relief to hear it from someone else.


    Chase_Mckracken replied:

    The way i see it, there's nothing different about who I am whether I'm wearing a dress or a suit. It's still just me.
    It's the clothes that change, not the person.


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