Some tomboys are early bloomers

The video is from 2008, so the intro about the Superbowl is a bit dated.

In terms of recognition by the general population, I tend to think of Tomboy as one of several bridges between Cis and Everyone Else. That’s just my concept. What’s yours?

Here’s the text translation from ASL, in her words…

Hello all… Now we know who playing the super bowl on Feb 3… It’s New England Patriots and New York Giants. It was a tight game for the Packers and the Giants. Most of us wanted San Diego Chargers and Green Bay Packers to win but unluckily that did not happen. It did not help that Chargers were missing some of their important players due to injuries. Also I know it was freezing cold for those football players. All-right today the topic is… Being a tomboy… I started being a tomboy after I was about eight years old, it was after my parents divorce and my dad had a girlfriend with two boys. There were more boys in my family, So I decided I want to be just like the boys in my family. I always thought the boys got better things then me. I would steal my brother’s underwear to use it and use their boy’s clothes. I never really had a true lady role model, and my mom is a tomboy too. Sometimes I felt shame of my tomboy’s thing so when I am with my friends who are girls, I would quickly change into girl’s clothes before going to see my friends who are girls. I know it silly to be doing that. But same time I felt like I needed to be a boy in my family cuz it was all boys. But same time I felt shame I was being a boy behind my friend’s back. I know my friends might have already known I was being a tomboy but just said nothing about it. I did cut my hair really short too. I thought I felt happy as a tomboy, I know a lot of girls do go through a tomboy phase too. I just do not like dresses, frilly kind of clothes, flowery clothes. My family would try getting me those girly things and it made me feel like being a boy more. I never really appreciated being a girl as a kid cuz I never really understood why us girls had to wear dresses, have long hair, wear those ugly, flowery clothes. Well now I know that not true. I liked playing rough, getting dirty, having an adventure and other things. Now I understand girls can do those things and wear jeans and just t-shirt and pretty much do whatever they want. That pretty much what I do anyways… Now I am more comfortable wearing girls clothes, since I was about 15 years old but I still use boys clothes sometimes. I would like all your feed backs, comments, experiences… Thanks for watching my vlog…

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  1. Claudius Maximus

    “I never really appreciated being a girl as a kid cuz I never really understood why us girls had to wear dresses, have long hair, wear those ugly, flowery clothes.” I totally relate to this. I had and still have hard time being a girl, I just don’t get all the nonsense women do like make-up, high-hills, tight and sexy clothing.


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